Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Practice Links - Day 1

There are some great updates out there on the 1st day of spring practice. Enjoy...

David Hale's 1st report from a bunch of quick tidbits from spring practice - I think all Dawg fans will be glad to hear his initial reaction to Grantham's coaching style. Later on, Hale followed up with a full report on the practice. Finally, he has some video highlights up from Practice #1 of the New Defensive Era. Over at the Macon Telegraph, Hale does a piece on how excited the coaches are to be working together on the field.

Marc Weiszer has a live report from spring practice, and then he empties the notebook later.

Tim Tucker (AJC) reports on new jersey #'s, among other things.

The AB-H has a report on Grantham's 1st day, as well as a story on the 1st Day of the QB Race.

Scout has a story on the learning curve of the Dawg's new defense, and another story on the excited nervousness that some of the players had before getting back on the field.

Battle Hymn Notes leaves us with 12 questions heading into UGA's Spring Break.