Saturday, October 23, 2010

DIRECTV Customers

For all the Dawg fans that don't have Charter or Comcast, you have to order tonight's game via ESPN Gameplan. I just hung up with DirecTV and the game will be on channel 790 and will not be blacked out. The bad news is the game is only being offered in Standard Definition. If you order ESPN Gameplan for just 1 day, a charge of $24 will be added to your next bill. There is also a service fee of $1.50 if you order through the automated phone system and a $5.00 fee if you order it through a customer rep. You are not able to order the 1 day Gameplan on the internet - But, if you want to order the rest of the season of ESPN Gameplan, you may do so on DirecTV's website for $73.

You can call DirecTV at (800)GET-SPORTS to get to the automated system or to speak to a customer rep if you have any questions.

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