Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Auburn Has Moved Up...

I never really hated AU before this past weekend. I know several Dawg fans that hate Auburn with a passion and put them right up there with Florida, Tech and Tennessee as far as hated rivals go. I always felt like AU was a "friendly rival", if such a thing exists. Well, I waited 4 days to type this out to see if I was just feeling differently in the heat of the moment. Turns out, Auburn has moved up my list of hated teams. They now sit with Florida at the top of my list.

What Auburn did to move up the list so quickly....

-- Signed a freak athlete that makes Tim Tebow look like a normal dude. No problem with that at all, but the problem comes in when the kid was allegedly shopped around as Dad demanded 6 figures for his son's signature on Signing Day. It's starting to make sense how the new HC with a career record of 5-19 was able to recruit so damn well as soon as he arrived on the Plains.

-- Nick Fairley's hits on Murray drove me up the wall...
  • 1st - he grinds facemasks with Murray and opens up a gash on AM's chin.
  • 2nd - he damn near breaks Murray in half as he spears AM in the back drawing a flag for roughing the QB.
  • 3rd - the shot on Murray's knee in the final minute of the game. If this guy didn't have the history of cheap shots on QB's, I would give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. But, after watching him play, he is a dirty SOB and I can't assume he wasn't trying to take AM's knees out.
-- Trooper Taylor, with his hat turned around backwards, waving flags and jumping into players arms is a damn thug (is he a coach or an overpaid cheerleader?) . Especially when he goes out to high-five his thug player as Fairley is acting as if he is putting on his heavyweight belt after nearly causing a bench-clearing brawl. Dude has been rumored to be a dirty, cheating recruiter and he certainly passes that eyeball test.

-- I have no problem with Chizik pumping his fist and trying to fire up his players and fans from the sidelines. In fact, I think it's cool when a coach is that into it. But, not when you are doing that in the final minute of a game leading 49-31 and 2 fights have just broken out. Not to mention the fact that he put #90 back in the game after the 1st skirmish. When you do that stuff, you are encouraging a fight to break out.

As for my thoughts on UGA post-game:

-- I absolutely love Ben Jones for starting the fight after Fairley's final hit on Murray. Gotta protect the franchise. Make no mistake about it - Murray is our franchise right now.

-- Speaking of our franchise, Aaron Murray is one the the toughest SOB's that will ever play 'Tween the Hedges. He has taken some big licks this year and Saturday was no different. But, he just keeps finding a way to get back up and take the next snap. Apparently, he was telling Richt to put him back in after limping off with the gimpy knee. Oh, yeah - he is a pretty good QB too. Check our these stats courtesy of David Pollack's twitter account....... WOW

  • Greene's best season.......... 2508 yds,20 TD, 4 INT, 148.4 Rating
  • Stafford's best season.........3459 yds, 25 TD, 10 INT, 153.54 Rating
  • Murray thru 11 games........2580 yds, 21 TD, 6 INT, 156.8 Rating

-- Make no mistake about it - Richt and McGarity were pissed off about the late hits and how the game was handled by the refs on Saturday. I guarantee you they have been bunring up the phone lines of Mike Slive and the entire SEC office. Would we love to have seen Richt go nuts in the post-game press conference? Absolutely - but that is not his style and it never will be. But, there is no doubt in my mind that this was handled by our HC and our AD the proper way through the proper channels.

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Padawg said...

My son was at the game. He grew up a Dawg fan but with a heavy dose of Auburn from his mother's family, so was always loyal to them as well. Never before have I heard him talk about the Auburn fans being horrible until after that game. They apparently repeatedly booed when our players were hurt. I, for one, was proud of the way the Dawgs played. Crappy year to say the least but I've been watching them long enough to know that such seasons are inevitable and often lead up to really great ones. Have to believe that their play seemed to improve once UGA VII got to the sidelines!