Thursday, November 18, 2010

More on Cam

For those of you that are curious about the saga going on over at AU with the FBI getting involved, there is a really good read out there on the Internet at This article may or may not be true - only time will tell. But if 25% of what this article says is truth, AU is going to really, really hurt when this investigation is all said and done. This article introduces all the major players behind the scenes and takes us all the way back to the Pat Dye days to show the chain of events that have led us up to the current scandal allegedly taking place. If you have a chance to get away from the desk/boss/wife/kids, click on the link below and take your Blackberry/iPhone/Droid and go sit on the toilet for a really long, good read. Click here to read the full article with all the details. If you don't have the time or for a quick preview, here is an excerpt from the conclusion of the article...

"The FBI has been investigating Colonial Bank and Louder for a number
of possible violations in the financial market crash which are
unrelated to AU. Part of the investigation involved gambling fraud
between McGregor and Colonial Bank. Something called the Rico Stature
allowed the justice department to set up wiretaps on Colonial Bank.
On the wiretaps the FBI found major AU recruiting infractions involving
Louder, McGregor, Dye, Trooper, boosters and others.
Here’s what they say the FBI has on tape and can prove AU did:

• The people above are on tape explaining who they paid and how they did it.
• It involves many AU players
• Providing unmarked Colonial Bank ATM cards to players to withdraw
money from secret accounts.
• Giving “slot machine cards” to the players, which now involves the
Alabama Gaming Commission.
• Provided improper loans to some of the families in our last and
current recruiting class.
• The NCAA “strongly” recommended that AU sit Cam for GA game because
of the mounting evidence.
• President Grogue wanted to sit Cam but was overruled by Louder and
the Board of Trustees.
• Coach Chizik knows none of this and has been lied to by Jacobs.
• The people named above know the S%#& is going to hit the fan “big
time” and have decided “we’re going down” so lets win the title even
if they take it away later.
• Slive knew about this early and sat on the information and is also
in the “crosshairs” of the FBI."


Anonymous said...

best article i have ever read. its also on

Moggs said...

25% is enough for me!