Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking Ahead... Way, Way Ahead

I was going over our depth chart by class heading into the 2010 Spring Practice. Wow - we are really young. I'm not sure what that means for 2010, but Richt has us lined up to make a serious run in 2011. Check out who we lose after the 2010 season by position...

(NOTES - All recruiting stars assigned to the 2010 commits are according to Rivals. Also, I have combined all the defensive tackles and the defensive ends into one category - DL. I did the same with all of our safeties and cornerbacks - DB.)


QB - We lose nobody. Logan Gray is a Junior, while Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger, and 2010 commitment Hutson Mason (3 stars) are all Freshmen

RB - We lose nobody. Caleb King is a Junior, while Washaun Ealey, Dontavious Jackson and Carlton Thomas are all Sophomores. We also have 2010 commits Ken Malcome (4 stars) and Alex Ogletree (3 stars) listed on the depth chart as Freshman. I have also read that Ogletree could possibly be a FB in Athens...

WR - We lose Kris Durham and you might as well go ahead and consider AJ a Senior also. But, we have a lot of talent being developed behind AJ. Israel Troupe is a Junior, while Marlon Brown, Tavarres King and and Rontavious Wooten are all Sophomores. Michael Bennett (3 stars) will be a Freshman.

TE - We lose nobody. Bruce Figgins and Aron White are Juniors, while Orson Charles and Arthur Lynch are both Sophomores.

FB - Fred Munzenmaier and Shaun Chapas are both Seniors. And Charles White is the only player sitting behind them and he is a Junior. Looks like the rumors of Alex Ogletree moving here make some sense.

OL - We do lose Clint Boling and both Davis boys (Chris and Josh). BUT, we have lots of depth here (not that you can ever have enough depth in the trenches). Our Junior Offensive Linemen are Trinton Sturdivant, Justin Anderson, Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn, Tanner Strickland and Ben Harden. Our Sophomores are AJ Harmon and Jonathan Owens. Our Freshman are Chris Burnette, Dallas Lee, and Austin Long. The 2010 commits are Kolton Houston (3 stars), Brent Benedict (4 stars), and Kenarious Gates (3 stars).


DL- We will lose DeMarcus Dobbs, Kiante Tripp and Brandon Wood as our Seniors. DeAngelo Tyson and Justin Houston are our only Juniors and Abry Jones, Cornelius Washington, Montez Robinson and Jeremy Longo are the Sophomores. Kwame Geathers and Derrick Lott are both Freshman, while Garrison Smith (4 stars), Mike Thornton (4 stars), Brandon Burrows (3 stars), TJ Stripling (4 stars), Dexter Morant (4 stars), and Jalen Fields (4 stars) are the 2010 commits.

LB - We will lose Akeem Dent, Akeem Hebron and Daryl Gamble. Our Juniors are Marcus Dowtin, Nick Williams and Richard Samuel (can't wait to see him at LB!!). Our only Sophomores are Mike Gilliard and Christian Robinson. The Freshmen will be Chase Vasser and 2010 commit Demetre Baker (3 stars).

DB - The only Seniors are Quintin Banks and Vance Cuff (I was shocked to read that 2010 will be his final season in Athens - time flies...). We only have 2 Juniors as well - Brandon Boykin and Jakar Hamilton (can't wait to see this guy play 'Tween the Hedges). The Sophomores represent the biggest class at this position with Branden Smith, Makiri Pugh, Sanders Commings, Bacarri Rambo, and Shaun Williams. The Freshman class is made up Jordan Love along with 2010 commits Alec Ogletree (4 stars), Marc Deas (3 stars) and Derek Owens (3 stars).

P/K - Our depth chart is full with 3 juniors - Brandon Bogotay, Drew Butler and Blair Walsh.


Out of the 84 players on scholarship, we only have 14 Seniors in 2010. You read that correctly - Fourteen!!! I think it is safe to say that AJ will be gone after this year also. So, we only lose 15 players off the 2010 roster (plus whatever defections we have between now and next spring). 23 players are Juniors (that includes AJ), 21 are Sophomores, while 26 are Freshman this year (I am not including Lonnie Outlaw, who will not be in Athens until 2012). Obviously, a handful of those 26 will red-shirt this year and be Freshmen again in 2011.

All in all, we really don't lose much off of the 2010 team. Take a look at the players we are losing:

AJ (assuming he leaves early)
J Davis
C Davis

Obviously, losing AJ will be a huge loss. But, other than that, I am not sure that I can find a gaping loss that we can not overcome in 2011. Clint Boling has been great at OL, but we have a LOT of experience behind him and I think Searles will continue to develop the young talent. The other position of concern is FB - we must find the heir apparent at a position that has served Mark Richt's teams very well during his time in Athens.

I think we will be a good team in 2010, with a chance to be a great team in 2011 that makes a serious run at a title. What do you think?


BulldogBry said...

I would be concerned about losing Chap and Munz, but I'm not sure we've utilized them to their fullest extent (especially Chapas). I think both of those guys would be automatic two yard gains the way Southerland was, but for whatever reason, their numbers wasn't called as much.

RB Dawg said...

Bulldog Bry - I totally agree with you. I was surprised to see nobody listed on the depth charts behind those 2. We are going to have to develop someone there this year.

And those 2 were definitely under-utilized in '09. Not sure if that was Bobo getting too cute with play-calling or what was going on after Chapas filled in for Southerland so well in '08.

Bill M. said...

Charles White was moved there some time last year in case yall forgot. He and Xander should comprise the depth behind the 2 seniors.

RB Dawg said...

Bill M. - you are correct and I have made the corrections to the post. Thanks for catching that - it makes me feel a little better about that position going forward.

JJ said...

RB - great post. I'm not ruling out a run in 2010, but 2011 definitely looks like the year that UGA will be set up to be really good.

Also - it is Zander Ogletree moving to FB, not Alex. And, Z might be the best FB prospect in the South.

RB Dawg said...

I think we are talking about the same Ogletree - I thought Zander was short for Alexander. Either way, I hope you are right about his potential at FB.

JJ said...

My bad - first time I read it I thought it said Alec.

Anonymous said...

Zander is going to have to get a heck of a lot bigger in a hurry if he's going to play FB in the SEC in 2011.

As for Cuff, it's hard to believe he's going to be a SR because he's done very little in his career. It was a mistake playing him as a true FR.

Dawgfan17 said...

If Sturivant returns to form by the beggining of 2011 then the Boling loss won't hurt near as much. Other than that and any possible early defections to the NFL Green (when he goes early) will probably be the only one that really hurts. By that time though I expect Orson Charles will be ready to be the headliner in the passing game which helps negate that. We will have a senior laden OL and a ton of experienced DL. The only question is how good will UF be that year? This year will be a relative down year for them as they lost a ton of talent/leadership but just like in 2007 when they had an off year it won't last for long. Outside of that 2011 looks to be a great year. Though I wouldn't write this year off, it all depends on just finding a way (even ugly) to win early games against USC and Arkansas.