Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rambo vs. Da'Rick

I am not a big fan of trash talk, but Bacarri Rambo is having a war of words with Da'Rick Rogers via Facebook and Twitter (gotta love the Internet these days). Check out the conversation going back and forth...

Rambo on Facebook - "Bacarri Rambo thinks [it] is messed up how all of UGA high school commitments back out on us but I’m telling you now when I catch you on the field I’m going to knock fire from you.”

Da'Rick on Twitter - “Who is Bacarri Rambo?”

Rambo on Twitter - “Tell Darick ‘pretty boy’ Rogers he doesn’t have to know me but I bet he will feel me!! Lol”

Da'Rick on Twitter - “don’t worry about me ha … that’s your choice … last time i checked a big hit =’s you getting knocked out.”

Rambo on Twitter - “I compete against the best receiver in the nation everyday at practice. Why should i worry about that guy.”

If Da'Rick is able to qualify and suit up next year, something tells me he will be greeted with lots of boos in Sanford next season. As for the whole Da'Rick recruiting situation, I think the only thing that Dawg fans should be upset about is how Rogers handled it. I am not upset that he changed his mind - it's an 18 year old kid changing his mind in what is the biggest decision of his life up to this point. It happens to every school, every single year. My beef with Da'Rick is the fact that he could have let CMR and co. know what was going on before Tuesday night. Instead, he dragged it out insisting that Georgia had nothing to worry about - he was not going to flip and go to UT. If we had known what was going on, we might have shifted our recruiting efforts to someone else. And that appears to be the big problem that Jakar Hamilton and Bacarri Rambo had with Roger's last minute flip-flop decision. Either way, UT @ UGA on October 9 just got a little more interesting.

You can follow Rambo on Twitter here and Da'Rick on Twitter here.


LT said...

A lot of pressure was put on Da'Rick because of his connection to Nash Nance. Nash Nance only had an offer because of Da'Rick. Bobby Johnson said they didn't lose Nance they dropped him. Dean Legge reported Nance's father was furious the bulldogs gave a scholarship to Mason over Nance. I wouldn't be surprised to see an NCAA investigation that went no where. The kids even jumped highschool together both going from Darlington to Calhoun. I would feel sqeamish about this if I was Tenn.

DRM said...

I did not know about them switching high schools together... Interesting... The hype that goes into all of this recruiting at times can get way out of hand as well. It is probably more detrimental to the student athlete in the long run as well. How many good high school football players come into college with a BIG HEAD and dont ever learn to get grounded. Also, a little side note, this past years Texas sr class was ranked 20th on avg by the recruiting services 4 years ago.

Russ for UGA VIII in '010 said...

Now that's the kind of Swagger that'll get you out of Shreveport!