Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vanity Fair with John Isner

Here is the article that Vanity Fair did with former bulldog John Isner while in Memphis last week....

The professional tennis circuit isn’t just about the Grand Slams. In this new series, goes behind the scenes at the many tournaments that lead up to the U.S. Open, in August.

One of 32 men playing in this week’s Regions Morgan
Keegan Championships, in Memphis, Tennessee, is John Isner, currently the No. 2-ranked American player on the A.T.P. World Tour. You might remember this six-foot-nine-inch ace as the kid who knocked out Andy Roddick in an epic match during the 2009 U.S. Open. Born in North Carolina, the 24-year-old played collegiate tennis at the University of Georgia before turning pro in 2007.

WHAT I MOST LOOK FORWARD TO ABOUT TRAVELING TO MEMPHIS is the great food. Corky’s BBQ is something I always go to. Blue Plate cafĂ© for breakfast. I don’t get that type of food in Tampa, Florida.

MEMPHIS DIFFERS FROM THE REST OF THE TOURNAMENTS because this has more of a down-home feel. It’s in the South, which is where I’m from. It’s really the only tournament of the year that’s kind of in this region. The people are so nice here in the South. It’s a tournament I look forward to every year.

MY FAVORITE TOURNAMENT is the U.S. Open because the atmosphere is great. Everyone always roots the American on. It’s just a great thrill to play in that tournament.

THE MOST MEMORABLE TOURNAMENT I’VE PLAYED IN is probably the U.S. Open. I’ve had some good wins there before. Made the final 16 there last year. That was the first time I’ve done that. And I think I was also the last American left in the draw, so that was a good accomplishment.

MY BIGGEST CAREER WIN is Andy Roddick. I beat him in the U.S. Open. That’s my best win so far.

I USUALLY TRAVEL WITH my coach, Craig Boynton. I’ll usually check two bags and will carry my computer bag and tennis bag on the plane.

I HAD A TRAVEL DISASTER WHEN just this year I won the tournament in Auckland, and I had to play two days later in Melbourne, but I got to Melbourne and didn’t have any bags. Fortunately they came the day of my match, and I was able to put my shoes and clothes on and go out and play.

THE HARDEST PART ABOUT TRAVELING FOR WORK is that I’m a big guy, so traveling is sometimes uncomfortable for me. It’s also expensive because I have to buy the really nice seats, which kind of sucks.

THE BEST PART ABOUT TRAVELING FOR WORK is that it’s better than sitting behind a desk! You get to travel around the world and play a game, so it’s not too bad.

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