Friday, February 26, 2010


It's hard to not get a little excited about Aaron Murray as our next QB with all the praise being thrown his way. According to ESPN's Joe Schad, Colt McCoy says that Murray is "one of the most impressive players he's ever seen". Then, this video pops up on Rivals counting down the top 10 QB camp performances since 2006 (check out Murray's 1st pass to WR Matthew Stafford). Murray was 2nd in the video's rankings, finishing behind Stafford and ahead of:
  • Tim Tebow (anytime the media ranks you ahead of Tebow, you know you've impressed)
  • Matt Barkley (last year's media darling at USC)
  • Ryan Mallet (IMO, the SEC's best QB heading into 2010, hands down)
  • John Brantley (the guy that is supposedly going to make UF fans forget about Tebow)
  • Josh Freeman (1st round NFL draft pick for TB)
  • Jake Locker (would have been one of the top picks in this year's draft if he had left Washington early)

That's a solid list to be #2 on. And it's pretty damn cool that UGA has the top 2 spots. If half of the hype on Murray is true, Logan might as well start learning the playbook from the perspective of a WR or a CB.

And don't forget to check out the "Debate of the Day" between Champ Bailey and David Pollack that we did last week.


Anonymous said...

that video brings me to tears go dawgs

Joeski said...

Damn, but Murray throws a nice ball. Go rewatch the vid again: his spirals are tighter and more accurate than Matt's.

JJ said...

The reason that so many "experts" are discounting Murray as far as UGA's prospects as an SEC challenger in 2010-11, is because they can't believe that he had to sit behind Joe Cox this past season. Somehow, by default that must mean he's not that great. Those same people fail to account for the Mark Richt loyalty factor. Cox played just well enough early in the season to give Richt enough faith in him to let him play out the season, not to mention that by the time it became clear that he wasn't an SEC caliber quarterback, the season was already a lost cause.

Murray will be the starter this season, and we will be back to the QB play and potential that Dawg fans have become accustomed to for the past 10 years. 2009 was a blip on the radar.

David Jones said...

And JJ, don't forget the injury that kept him out 4-6 weeks. Hale's interview with Bobo last week said even Bobo admitted the injury was the only thing keeping him from getting playing time last year.

RB Dawg said...

JJ - great point about the media reading too much into Murray sitting behind Cox - I hadn't thought about that. And, as David Jones points out, AM's injury had a huge impact on the decision to red-shirt him.

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Johnny Utah said...

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nice dawg news.

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